You Are Not Alone, Part One

He is so intimately involved that we can find hope, rest and a sense of peace, for if He is sovereign over creating the life, then He is sovereign in taking the life. His plan for our baby on earth has been fully fulfilled . Our baby is with the Lord worshipping Him, and was created for that specific purpose.

What The Doctors Won't Tell You...

Your baby is infinitely better off without you and without this world.  It is difficult for a loving mother to come to this conclusion, because all that our hearts yearn for is to hold and raise our baby, but when we live with the hope of Jesus Christ in our hearts, we have to say that our child is better off in the hands of the One who created him than he would be with us.

Miscarriage: My View vs. God's View

Before the foundation of the world, God knew my baby.  He KNEW my baby.  He didn't just know OF him/her.  He knew my baby personally.  Every. Last. Detail.  He knew at what moment that baby would be conceived.  He knew what each day would be like for my baby in my womb.  He knew his/her eye color, hair color, height, weight, likes/dislikes, personality, etc.  He knew the very second that my baby would be ushered into eternity to dwell in His presence.

Why Populating Paradise?

Yes, I have done my part by God's grace in “populating” this Paradise.  God chose to create five lives within my womb that would never see the light of day here on earth.  Those five babies’ first thoughts-first tangible experiences-were to see and worship their Savior face to face.  They will never know the wickedness and evil of this world.  They did not lose their life altogether - they gained eternal life!