His Power Made Perfect In Our Weakness

Jesus Christ is the only One I could call on in that moment.  No doctor, no friend, no relative, not even my husband could do for me what I needed in that moment.  I needed His all-sufficient grace, His power to be made known in my weakness.  And in my desperation, He was there. The infertility and the first miscarriage were covered in His grace.  A year later, when I miscarried again, His grace was yet again sufficient.  And again.  And again.  And yet again.  

Look To Jesus

Jesus endured the cross. Jesus endured the cross. He didn't grumble through it.  He didn't complain about it.  He wasn't angry about it. He didn't curse God for it.  He didn't lose faith because of it.  He endured so beautifully the most tortuous of deaths known to mankind because of one thing: the joy that was set before Him.

The Good Thing

If we believe that He does not withhold any good thing from us, we have to believe that what is good for us right now is to NOT be raising this child we lost.  We have to trust that what is good for us right now is that He has chosen to take this baby home to be with Him in paradise.

Blessed in Our Mourning

Our babies have escaped the pain of sin and death in this world and are with the Father, complete and whole.  But the true question is, will you mourn, not just for the loss of your baby, but over your sin, so that you will be forever forgiven and in that way, completely comforted?  

Joy in the Morning

After my first miscarriage, the weepiness lasted for a long time.  Dealing with raw emotion, hopes dashed as well as unbalanced hormones conrtibuted greatly to that.  One might think that I didn't weep as much for the other four babies that I lost, but that was not the case.  The weeping came.  It came with each one.  Each miscarriage and the days following each were a "night" for me.  The "morning" did come, though, just as He promised.

Where Does My Help Come From?

When we face trials of any kind, including the loss of a baby, the only rock we can stand on is the very Word of God.  The Bible does not come "alive" in times of trouble as some would say, for it is already living.  We, on the other hand, come alive to scripture!