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Joy in the Morning

Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.
— Psalm 30:5b, ESV

We weep.  We mourn and grieve the loss of our sweet babes.  It is the natural thing to do when we lose someone that is very dear to us.  And who could be more dear to us than our own flesh and blood?  Jesus himself wept when he heard of his friend's death, Lazarus.  I think something would be wrong with us if we didn't weep.  

But weeping is no fun, is it?  I don't know of anyone who enjoys being sad, grieving or weeping.  It's a necessary process for us, though, as we grieve the one whom we held so dear, who we held within our own womb.   

Morning in Paradise, Waikiki Beach.

Morning in Paradise, Waikiki Beach.

God promises that weeping will only last for a night, but that joy comes in the morning.  You might be wondering just when is that morning and joy going to come?  After my first miscarriage, the weepiness lasted for a long time.  Dealing with raw emotion, hopes dashed as well as unbalanced hormones conrtibuted greatly to that.  One might think that I didn't weep as much for the other four babies that I lost, but that was not the case.  The weeping came.  It came with each one.  Each miscarriage and the days following each were a "night" for me.  The "morning" did come, though, just as He promised.  I can honestly look back now and have joy that could have only come through my suffering.  I am eternally grateful to God that His promises from His word hold true.  Joy truly does come in the morning.  It may not be the morning after, or the morning after that.  But one morning, I promise and so does He, you will awake with joy.  And each subsequent morning, your joy will be greater.  Then one day, when you are with Him in Paradise, your joy will be complete.  Oh, how I cannot wait for that day! 


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